Sunday, January 9, 2011

VEGAN kabuki brushes landed...why these are the BEST for your skin

So excited right now...our first especially eco brushes have landed...super soft, squirrel friendly and designed for the perfect mineral makeup application.

Yes, I know we are biased...but I thought I would share a little about our brushes and why we have chosen these...

  • Performance - we have trialled kabuki brushes - animal friendly & not so friendly...expensive & inexpensive and to our delight & relief, we have found that the best performing brush (giving the most flawless finish) was also animal free. Technology has created the finest, softest "bristles" that mean we do not have to choose between ethics & performance.
  • Animal friendly - We are not experts on animal cruelty...and there do appear to be some animal friendly animal fur brushes on the market...but we were not convinced. Read this link if you would like to know more about animal cruelty in cosmetic brushes.
  • ECO friendly - being good quality & long lasting and washable (see below), your ECO minerals kabuki is a friend for life (or at least many many years. This means less waste and landfill.
  • Gentle on your skin - Supersoft brushes are perfect for sensitive skins including those with acne rosacea that may get flushed or inflamed by coarser, less gentle brushes.
  • Washable - It is important that you can wash your brush to keep in hygienic and in super soft condition. That way you keep it for years & do not have to throw it away. To wash use a natural shampoo and gentle lather & rinse until water runs clear. Air dry or use a cool hairdryer setting.
  • Perfect for ECO minerals foundation - these brushes give the most flawless finish...and you will use less product. There are hundreds and thousands of tiny fine fibers working to apply your product beautifully.
That's why we are excited to add these super soft super cute brushes to the ECO minerals collection. (For anyone using our previous brushes - these new brushes are the same fibres...just a different keep using them.)

ECO minerals is all about the Planet & your beauty...finding ethical products that deliver superior performance.

Thanks for reading and please stay tuned for a special offer on our new Supersoft Vegan Kabuki brushes...This will be via if you haven't already signed up for our 6 / year emails, click here or use the sign up tab on our Facebook page.

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