Monday, July 25, 2016

Why VEGAN products are the most beautiful beauty products.

I love to make it simple for people to make amazing choices and feel good about their lifestyle and the products they purchase and use.

Our body is our temple and we have full personal power when our actions and beliefs are in alignment.  When we are purchasing products and services with heart and of the highest vibration.

"You are the SUPER HERO of your own life - each one of us is the Goddess of our own galaxy - everything we say and do creates!  Being a conscious, discerning consumer HELPS animals, the world and YOU."

So many people are aware of animal testing and the only way to make sure there is no animal suffering is to use Vegan products - product that do not contain any animal byproducts.

Check out the list below and you can see that some ingredients there is a plant alternative - so my recommendation is to go for brands certified by Choose Cruelty Free - here is the certified Vegan list

To give you a feel of some common ingredients here is a great list i found by Lorraine of  Herb & Hedgerow


1. Hyaluronic Acid is used in anti-ageing skincare products as it is an antioxidant, a humectant (drawing moisture up in the skin) and it boosts collagen synthesis. Sounds like a fantastic ingredient for a skincare product, right? Hyaluronic acid is found in human umbilical cords and rooster combs. Since the early 1980s, it has been produced from rooster combs on an industrial scale. If you buy a product that contains this anti-ageing ingredient, check that it was made by producing enzymes from a bacteria-based biofermentation process.  It is likely that most products you buy in the shops will contained the rooster comb variety.
2. Carmine is a red dye that is often used in lipsticks, rouge, eye shadow and other cosmetics. It is also used a lot in food and drinks, particularly items that are bright red (think of ruby-red juice and supermarket curries!). It is made of red pigment from the crushed female cochineal insect. PETA reports that 70,000 beetles must be killed to produce one pound of this dye. Sounds horribly unnecessary when you can also use beetroot which, as everyone knows, stains everything red.
3. Collagen – Ever seen a skincare product advertise that it contained collagen? Sounds like a great idea, given that the loss of collagen is one of the main signs of facial ageing. However, collagen in skincare products won’t actually do all that much, as the consensus is that it won’t be absorbed deeply enough into the skin (if at all) to help strengthen fibrous tissue. And you might be even more put off when you find out that most collagen in skincare creams comes from chicken feet and ground-up animal horns.
4. Glucosamine – this skincare ingredient is thought to be barrier enhancing, moisturising and help with evening out skin tone. It’s found in many animals’ exoskeletons but apparently chicken bone marrow is a great source of glucosamine for the cosmetics industry (is this going to be a blog post just about chickens?!).
5. Ambergris a.k.a. whale vomit. This grey floating faecal-smelling lump is a sperm whale bile duct secretion. Gosh, that’s really selling it, isn’t it? It’s still used by some perfume manufacturers to ‘fix’ the smell of a perfume. Thankfully most perfume manufacturers use synthetic alternatives nowadays, although Cosmetics Design Europe reports that it is still used by Dior and Kenneth Cole.
6. Fake vanilla fragrance – Vanilla has a lovely aroma, as we all know. This Mexican plant is beautiful and produces fantastic orchid-like flowers which have a symbiotic relationship with its pollinator, the Melipona bee which is native to Mexico. For that reason, the only way vanilla can be cultivated around the world is through hand pollination, which is how almost all of the vanilla pods you buy in the shops came about (ever seen Mexican vanilla for sale? I didn’t think so). In other words, extracting vanilla fragrance is an expensive job. Which is why we can all breathe a sigh of relief that scientists at the International Medical Center of Japan can now extract a fake vanilla fragrance from cow dung.
7. Elastin – much like collagen, the loss of elastin is one of the main reasons for facial ageing. Again, skincare companies are clamouring in order to be able to claim that their product boosts elastin so some of them add it into their creams and lotions. Will it penetrate your skin far enough to do much? The consensus is probably not. According to PETA, this protein is extracted from the neck ligaments and aortas of cows.
8. Placental protein – this one says it all really, doesn’t it? Animal placenta is extracted from the uterus of animals in abattoirs and seems to be used quite widely in skincare products. It seems to be used as a humectant, which means that it is used to draw moisture up into the top layers of the skin.
9. Stearic acid – many natural skincare products will tell you if this fatty acid is plant-derived. However, those that don’t tell you are probably using animal-derived stearic acid. Rendering factories separate the fat from waste animal tissue in order to create stearic acid. Animals used for this process will include cows, pigs and sheep. Sources of meat include abattoirs, restaurant and butcher shop trimmings, expired meat from supermarkets, and the carcasses of euthanised and dead animals from animal shelters, zoos and vets.
10. Crystalline guanine – ever wondered what creates your pearly iridescent effect in your shampoo, eye shadow and nail polish? We all love a bit of superficial prettiness, after all. The shiny effect is caused by crystalline guanine, extracted from fish scales.
11. Panthenol – you will probably recognise this chemical as it is often used in shampoos and conditioners to moisturise and lubricate your hair. It is also used in some lotions and mascaras. Panthenol is often made from one of the components of honey but is also found in certain vegetables and meat. The majority of panthenol used in the cosmetics industry comes from meat or honey. Given the price of honey and the worldwide decline in numbers of bees, I’m guessing meat might be a more common source of panthenol nowadays.
12. Keratin – I bet you’ve seen this one advertised in some of your haircare products. Many shampoos and hair rinses like to tell you all about their added keratin which will strengthen your hair. What they don’t tell you is that it’s extracted from the ground-up horns, hooves, feathers, quills, and hair of various animals.
13. Shellac is a resin secreted by the female lac bug which is then scraped off trees. This ingredient is used to create a shiny lacquer in products such as hairsprays, shampoos, mascara and lipstick. Although shellac is a secretion that is harvested, the process inevitably leads to the death of lac insects. In fact, according to a study undertaken in India, 300,000 lac insects are killed for every kilogram of lac resin produced and up to 25% of unrefined shellac is composed of insect debris.

14. Hair/fur - animal fur  in brushes and fake eyelashes 

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Conscious cosmetics - why you love VEGAN and Cruelty Free beauty

Dear SiSTARS, this is a blog post dear to my heart - its about the suffering of animals in the beauty industry that is unnecessary and so widespread its not easy to believe.

The GOOD NEWS is that if we don't buy cruel products, brands will change their ways = WIN for animals & WIN for a compassionate, conscious world!

Take this pledge by Animals Australia to go cruelty free on your beauty and household products:

When i started ECO minerals - it was always important that my the products were Cruelty Free and i honestly thought most brands were cruelty free.  Inspired by a lovely day at World Vegan Day in Melbourne surrounded by 20,000 loving, caring, activated, beautiful beings - i started to post on our @ecominerals Instagram and to get some more information about animal testing in cosmetics and the beauty industry.

I was shocked and saddened to find out that so many products are tested on animals that are on the shelves today.  There are an abundance of beautiful, natural products that have been used throughout history that we KNOW are safe for our skin, safe for the environment and do not need to be tested on animals.

ECO minerals are certified by PETA and i love the campaigns that PETA run.  We are just finalising our certification with Australian based CCF Choose Cruelty Free - so we have international and local certification ... YAY!

When i looked at the "testing"in the beauty industry - i see it as TORTURE.  We have no right to use animals and to torture them in the name of beauty.  I know almost all people feel the same way - so I'm committed to share this awareness with everyone and save animals - set them FREE! 

For a reminder of the damage we do when we are unaware - we are all supporting animal testing whilst we are shopping with brands who endorse and conduct tests on animals.

A beauty blogger who looked at the best selling products in Australia shared the statistic that 91% of the beauty products purchased in Australia are TESTED ON ANIMALS.

To me this issue is not just about Animals or torture to animals - this is about human consciousness and every single one of us standing up for what we believe in.

Believing...knowing... that we all count and having the courage and making the time to shop consciously and speak out for those without a voice.

Here's to a world where we live in alignment with what we know is creating a life so magical and magnificent - to finding our voice and using it!

Blessings to all of us who care and may we all awaken and live in the full beauty of this existence!

May all of the beings in all of the world be happy!

with love, lulu xoxo

Monday, January 18, 2016

the heart and soul of ECO minerals

myself, Coco and nephews Oskar and Bodhi
exploring way out west from SA to Byron
hi beautiful people this is Lulu and I'm feeling to share with you some of my journey from creating the brand ECO minerals and my relationship to my customers, stockists and beloved customers.

I started ECO minerals when i my daughter (now 10) Coco was around 2 years old.  As a good friend of mine and i sat on her balcony chatting through our lives we decided to start a brand to be everything we wanted and a business to give us everything we wanted.

our wants were simple:
  1. to look better :) - sleepless nights were taking their toll
  2. to work for ourselves so we could stay with our precious bambinos
  3. to make $
in a brand i wanted it to be:
  • high performance products - i had natural, eco everything and couldn't ditch my Estee Lauder foundation as i didn't know of a natural brand that was amazing
  • affordable 
  • ethical
  • animal friendly (i LOVE animals - see pic below from our first shoot)
  • environmentally friendly
  • independent
We had a vision to create the most amazing natural cosmetics that out performed the top makeup houses and was 100% natural.

Along the journey i was faced with a million opinions, judgements and also a lot of support.   After a couple of years, my dear friend Amber and i peacefully parted...i then had a loving friend as a silent business partner before finally finding the perfect business partner in Michael.

The most amazing part of having your own brand is that you can completely be yourself.  The magic for me has been our success by keeping things simple and dealing with only wonderful people and businesses.  It's so fun to work with the most amazing stores, customers and distributors who are in alignment with the brand and our values.

I have learned so much - both practically and personally and business wise - along this path and i guess i could sum it up by do what feels good - and being yourself - not listening to everyones opinions unless it feels deeply right in your own heart and being.  We make our decisions strongly guided by our intuition.  We keep things real, treat people well and have fun by offering our products across the Universe.

             with love, Lulu xx

our first photo shoot with model Tais Rose, photographer Josh Hedge, @phoebefever makeup
 - we got to take this pics and play with these beloved animals on Bob's secret,
magical farm in the Byron shire

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

ECO minerals caring for your skin and the Planet by what we do (and don't do)

hi - this is Luci... i've just spend the day in Mullumbimby pharmacy meeting fabulously wonderful people...doing ECO mini makeovers and experiencing some beautiful products and also taking a look at the toxic ingredients in so many brands.
It made me realise that aside from looking flawless on the skin and being a high performance beauty product... we really do tick the boxes when it comes to ethical shopping.  
Here's what ECO minerals does to care for you, your skin and our Planet:

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Certified Cruelty Free
  • Certified VEGAN
  • ECO friendly refills available 
  • Recycled & biodegradable shipping materials
  • Minimal paper use (electronic invoicing)
  • Recycled timber merchandising stands
  • All products are PALM OIL Free
  • Support not for profit foundations with donations
  • 100% LOVE IT guarantee so you spend money on products you LOVE that suit your skin
Tell us what we DON'T do that makes us special.  Think ethics, think ingredients....think ECO xx
Our fav answer wins a prize RRP $88 and everyone who enters will get a special ECO offer.

With love and light, Luci xox

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Contouring with ECO minerals ALCHEMY Hi Light Creme and ECO EXOTIC Bronzer

Here is a fabulous picture from that shows the beautiful effect of using products to hi light and define eyes, cheeks, nose and jawline.  This is super easy (when you know how) and definitely simple enough for your daily ECO ritual.

Apart from accentuating your natural features and beauty...what i love the MOST about this is that it is not a "made up" look.

General notes on contouring and hi lighting:
When you highlight an area by adding light to it, you also want to "low light" an aspect of the same feature/area to give contrast.  For example, you would use Alchemy Hi Light Creme to Hi light and area and ECO Exotic Bronzer to low light an area.

TOOLS: I use a large concealer brush to apply Alchemy Hi Light Creme and the ECO minerals supersoft kabuki brush is narrow enough to be used to apply your ECO exotic bronzer as a contour or low light product.

CHEEKS: to accentuate cheekbones apply ECO Exotic Bronzer below the cheekbone, in the hollow of the cheek.  Apply Alchemy Hi light creme along the top of the cheekbone (apply after your ECO minerals mineral foundation and blend well)

EYES: For a beautiful lift and definition to your eyes, use ECO Exotic Bronzer and apply to the crease of the eyelid and blend well.  Now apply Alchemy Hi Light Creme along the brow bone (beneath the outer brow).

If you prefer to use a powder to hi light - checkout ECO minerals White Light Illuminate - this gorgeous silky smooth illuminate is easy to use and suited to fair complexions.

For how to use contouring to make your nose appear thinner and to define your jaw, head to the link below.

Remember that ECO minerals mineral foundations and bronzers come with a 100% Colour Match Guarantee.  Show at or at one of our stockists nationally.

There picture is sourced from 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The best primer or moisturiser to wear under your mineral makeup

hi there - here is a quick post to answer all of the questions about which product is best to wear beneath your mineral makeup.  The answer differs depending on both your skin type and also the look you love - for example a matte finish or a fresh finish.

DRY SKIN: In summary dry skin is best going for a rich moisturiser or a facial oil.  Even normal skin can get dry during the Winter months so change your beauty ritual to meet your skin's needs.  A rosehip oil or other facial oil (such as Jojoba) work amazingly beneath your mineral makeup.  You can also use your normal moisturiser that suits your skin.  I recommend Living Skincare's Multi Active Recovery Moisturiser.

NORMAL SKIN: Use your normal facial moisturisers/hydrating product beneath your minerals. This 100% natural one from LIVING SKIN CARE is amazing - one of the BEST moisturisers i have ever used, in fact (and i have used hundreds)....and also part of the BEST skincare i have ever experienced...more on this in the next blog.  You may like to use a primer if you love a matte finish - but it is not necessary.  

OILY SKIN: To get longer wear and an even matte finish I suggest this beautiful product form Byron Nature's Gift: Ultimate Hydrating Cream.  This is an incredible product and although it is very light (almost a cream meets gel) it gives the nourishment that oily skin needs and often misses out on.  100% natural, with an Aloe Vera base - this gives the most amazing matte finish.  You can use it alone if your skin is quite oily, OR on top of your usual hydrating product.
You can also use this little wonder product as a night time treatment - apply after exfoliating at night.  It will absorb into the skin whilst the active botanicals go to work over night.

I hope this is helpful - keep in mind that ECO minerals mineral makeup is super easy to use and gives a beautiful finish over most bases.  Be sure to reach out for assistance if you would like to.  With love, Luci xx

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You won't go another day without your Alchemy or White Light

The magical powers of illuminates & hi light cremes...

Aside from our beautiful range of mineral foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow...concealer and mascara are 2 magical hero products: White Light Illuminate & Alchemy Hi-Light Creme.  These fun and simple to use products produce barely visible....yet dramatically beautiful results.
That may sound like a contradiction in do they do it?

Let's take a look (see pics below for inspiration)...certain parts of our face naturally catch the light and by increasing the light that is "caught" or reflected we can enhance the appearance of our features.  Be warned...once you start using an illuminate or hi light product, you won't ever want to live without it again.

Here are a few tips on using ECO minerals White Light (mineral powder illuminate) and Alchemy Hi Light Creme - remember to BLEND WELL - these products should be barely visible is only their ability to catch the light that makes them so beautiful.

White Light Illuminate - apply a little with your finger tip or a dry brush beneath brows, on temples and down the top of your cheek bone.  You can blend a little down your nose and a little on the top centre of your lip.  Use a tiny amount after you have applied the ECO mineral foundation of your choice. Check out the pics below for more of our customers uses it above the brow to really lift the eye area... experiment!

Alchemy Hi Light Creme - apply just before your foundation - with finger tip or brush.  Try beneath the brow, temples and  along the top inch of your cheek bones...a tiny dab on the inner corner of each eye.
Which product is best for you..White Light powder or Alchemy Creme?

  • I suggest anyone with very fair or fair skin chooses White Light.
  • Anyone with light medium to medium or tanned skin go for Alchemy.
  • If you love a lot of coverage White Light is for you as you can apply it above your foundation.
  • Those with dark skin - I recommend White Light - request a sample of White Light illuminate before purchasing.

I hope this is helpful!  Enjoy...with love, Luci x

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The search for the best mineral foundation

What makes a mineral foundation amazing?

How do you know you are choosing the best mineral foundation?

Mineral makeup is EVERYWHERE and we know the benefits of mineral makeup compared to conventional liquid foundations...but how do you know which one will give you:

  • the best color match
  • the best coverage/finish (do you love sheer or matte?)
  • the best quality for the health of your skin
When you shop for mineral makeup there are a few things to look out for that will make sure you are making a great choice for your skin. 

A formulation that is FREE from cheap and nasty fillers and ingredients that may irritate your skin or be of questionable saftey including: 
  1. bismuth oxychloride
  2. magnesium stearate
  3. boron nitride
  4. corn/ maize and rice starch
  5. serecite
  6. nano particles
  7. soy bean flour (it's true - check out some of the cheaper brands!)
  8. all of the "paraben" ingredients
If you ingredient listing is long and sounds like you need a degree in chemistry to decode the words, then take the time to question the ingredients:  are they there for the benefit of your skin - or for the profit margin of the brand?

Remember - any makeup can be called MINERAL MAKEUP - it is up to you to choose a beautiful, safe and quality product.

Once we have found a pure brand of mineral makeup - let's look at colour and finish.  Do you have oily or dry you love a matte finish or a very natural finish?  You will not get it all in just one foundation.

If there is only one type of foundation to choose from there is a chance that this is not best for your skin - some formulas look amazing on oily skin - and not dry, and vice versa.

If there are a large number of colours to choose from, you can probably get a perfect match.  Do they offer free samples...would they create a custom colour just for YOU if needed...keep it on file, and blend it fresh when you request it?

Now that you are looking good with your beautiful minerals...spare a thought for the planet and animals - are the product free from cruel animal testing, animal ingredients...and can you reduce plastic waste by using ECO friendly refills and eco friendly shipping materials?

ECO minerals offers 2 foundation formulas created of pure minerals to beautify and nurture your skin, infinite colours (including custom blends), free samples and are animal and planet friendly

ECO minerals has a 95% LOVE IT rate...and offer 100% money back guarantee on all products.

Ask for your free colour match and samples! 

Visit our page and contact us to arrange your samples.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bismuth Free Mineral Powders

We are always receiving enquiries about Bismuth or Bismuth Oxychloride as a mineral makeup ingredient - so here is some information about this controversial ingredient.

ECO minerals mineral makeup is free from bismuth simply because we know this ingredient is questionable in terms of safety and as a skin irritant and it is not necessary for beautiful long wearing mineral makeup.

First question: Is bismuth natural?  The answer is yes it is "natural" but then so are arsenic. lead and mercury (each of these compounds has similarities to bismuth.  Is it safe and natural - we think NO - particularly for sensitive skins.

Second question: why is there so much controversy over this ingredient?  Many people react to this ingredient with break-outs, dry skin and redness.  Bismuth is not good for sensitive skins and is the primary reason a mineral makeup containing this ingredient cause irritation.

Third question: Why do many big brands (and also cheap brands) use bismuth as a mineral makeup ingredient?  Bismuth gives a pearly look and smooth "glide" to products - however as many brands that are bismuth free will attest - this is simply not necessary to give a safe, gorgeous product that looks and feels amazing on the skin.

Are there any other ingredients to watch out for when selecting a mineral makeup?  Check our Mineral Makeup Ingredients article for more information.

How can i be sure that ECO Mineral Makeup is the best makeup for me?  Australian residents - click here for our Free Mineral Makeup Sample form.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIN ECO mineral makeup for being ECO friendly!

PRIZE TIME:  At ECO minerals we are always thinking how we can be more caring and respectful to our Earth and inspire others to do the same.  We strongly believe that the little everyday things make a BIG difference.  Because packaging makes up 70% of the waste in our landfills...reducing the packaging we create is very important.

Beyond your ECO cosmetics..and topping up with eco refills...we want to know what else you do to make keep our Planet clean, green and beautiful !!!

  • 1 x Pure mIneral foundation - 8gm RRP $44 - we will help you choose from 2 ranges and infinite colour combinations
  • 1 x SuperSoft Vegan Application Brush RRP $22
  • 1 x White Light Illuminate - 2gm RRP $22

Post your comment below.  Our fav post wins an ECO Pack RRP $91.00

Monday, February 27, 2012

Perfecting the No Makeup Makeup Look with Mineral Makeup

Welcome - this is the first post in a series on creating a No Makeup - Makeup Look...that is, a look that enhances your natural beauty, covers any blemishes and looks like you are wearing no makeup for all.

Foundation - applying an all natural foundation to your skin for a barely there look that evens our skin tone and wears all day.  Remember that with ECO minerals mineral makeup you are also getting a minimum SPF of 24 with even a light application.

1) choose your foundation type - Flawless of Perfection Foundation?

2) Choose your Bronzer/Blush
  • medium to tanned/olive skins choose a bronzer Holiday, Summer or ECO Exotic
  • fair skins choose an earthy blush - Uluru is perfect

3) Select an Illuminate:
White Light or Alchemy (coming soon) - Both are perfect for any complexion

4) Clear or black mascara (choose a natural brand - ECO mascaras are currently being developed - yay!!)

5) All natural Lip Gloss

Now you have the products you is how to apply them:
  • Foundation: use a pinch of product and one of our Supersoft Kabuki brushes to apply either in a light downward seeping motion...or in small circles all over your face.
  • Bronzer - apply a tiny amount beneath the cheekbones - and a slight dusting over forehead, nose and chin
  • Blush (only if not using bronzer) - apply a small amount along your cheek bones with a brush
  • Illuminate - apply along the top of your cheek bones - use your finger tip or blending brush
  • Mascara - apply mascara 
  • Lip Gloss - nourish your lips with an all natural gloss with a hint of your fav colour ( ECO Lip Glosses coming soon - stay tuned) xox