Thursday, July 28, 2011

Choosing the best natural makeup and foundation - is organic makeup better?

Hi natural beauty lovers...this is a quick post to to shed some light over natural makeup and certified organic makeup. We are often asked which is the best natural makeup and whether certified organic is better than just natural makeup.

This post is about loose powder makeups and minerals and not liquid foundations. When it comes to food and skin care it is safe to say that the most pure products are the certified organic brands especially those certified by very stringent certifying bodies. There is a great difference in what can be labelled Certified Organic and Australia has some of the most genuine certifying organizations in the world. So what about natural makeup - is certified organic makeup better. When it comes to minerals we believe that the best mineral makeups can not be certified organic and here is why: minerals are not grown - they are taken from the Earth (like salt and water) exactly as they exist. So there is essentially nothing to certify. When brands want to make their mineral certified organic, they need to add botanical or other ingredients (eg corn starch or rice powder) to gain certification because these ingredients CAN be certified and produced by organic farming. So the customer is left to find a truly natural mineral makeup without the help of being certified organic. We recommend that you select a mineral makeup that is free of nano particles and contains the basic, beneficial key minerals including mica, titanium, zinc, iron and tin oxides along with ultramarines (all natural minerals) and perhaps Kaolin (derived from clay).

Any other ingredients and we do not believe your skin is benefiting from the purity and amazing results on true minerals can offer your skin.

We hope this post helps those of you out looking for the best natural makeup or organic makeup.

***For everyone asking, here is a demo of how to apply mineral makeup. This is not ECO minerals, but it is a similar product. ECO minerals vids are coming shortly ** You can apply the minerals in a more gentle fashion than this video. **

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