Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How eco friendly are your natural and organic beauty products?

This blog is a big look at beauty products and their impact on our beautiful Planet. I have always found it fascinating that organic brands can put so much energy into formulating pure, organic products...and then little or no consideration into the packaging waste that is created.

Thinking organic...and thinking beauty - it makes sense to me that we need to extend the concept or health and organics back to the Planet. ECO minerals is as serious about keeping our customers pretty as we are about keeping our Planet beautiful.

There are many benefits of natural products - both to our health and to the environment - for example - less chemicals in our waterways during manufacture and washing/bathing. We also know that much of what goes on our skin goes into our bodies - so the health benefits of natural and certified organic products are obvious.

I commend the beauty companies acknowledging their impact on the environment of packaging and some companies have initiatives to recycle packaging and use biodegradable plastics. Unfortunately, biodegradable plastics are of questionable benefit to the environment and less than 60% of plastic actually gets recycled globally.

So what are our options as consumers?
  • Remember that every purchase is a VOTE for a product :)
  • USE less plastic
  • REFILL products where possible
  • SPEAK out about excessive packaging
  • ENCOURAGE your fav brands to ECO refill
  • when SHOPPING ONLINE request ECO friendly, biodegradable shipping materials
ECO minerals are delighted to have so many of our wonderful customers using our ECO refills. These ECO refills minimize plastic waste by allowing the re-use of plastic containers. The refills safely compost or biodegradable.

ECO minerals is proud to be the original and best supplier of mineral makeup eco refills and happy to have other brands following their lead.

We really believe that it is up to us all as consumers to create change. If companies know you are willing to eco refill, then they will make changes to keep your custom.

Let's get the eco word out there and inspire a world of minimal packaging waste.

If you haven't already watched this vid about where much of the world's plastic ends up...take a look....love and light, ECO x

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