Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You won't go another day without your Alchemy or White Light

The magical powers of illuminates & hi light cremes...

Aside from our beautiful range of mineral foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow...concealer and mascara are 2 magical hero products: White Light Illuminate & Alchemy Hi-Light Creme.  These fun and simple to use products produce barely visible....yet dramatically beautiful results.
That may sound like a contradiction in terms...how do they do it?

Let's take a look (see pics below for inspiration)...certain parts of our face naturally catch the light and by increasing the light that is "caught" or reflected we can enhance the appearance of our features.  Be warned...once you start using an illuminate or hi light product, you won't ever want to live without it again.

Here are a few tips on using ECO minerals White Light (mineral powder illuminate) and Alchemy Hi Light Creme - remember to BLEND WELL - these products should be barely visible ..it is only their ability to catch the light that makes them so beautiful.

White Light Illuminate - apply a little with your finger tip or a dry brush beneath brows, on temples and down the top of your cheek bone.  You can blend a little down your nose and a little on the top centre of your lip.  Use a tiny amount after you have applied the ECO mineral foundation of your choice. Check out the pics below for more ideas...one of our customers uses it above the brow to really lift the eye area... experiment!

Alchemy Hi Light Creme - apply just before your foundation - with finger tip or brush.  Try beneath the brow, temples and  along the top inch of your cheek bones...a tiny dab on the inner corner of each eye.
Which product is best for you..White Light powder or Alchemy Creme?

  • I suggest anyone with very fair or fair skin chooses White Light.
  • Anyone with light medium to medium or tanned skin go for Alchemy.
  • If you love a lot of coverage White Light is for you as you can apply it above your foundation.
  • Those with dark skin - I recommend White Light - request a sample of White Light illuminate before purchasing.

I hope this is helpful!  Enjoy...with love, Luci x

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