Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The search for the best mineral foundation

What makes a mineral foundation amazing?

How do you know you are choosing the best mineral foundation?

Mineral makeup is EVERYWHERE and we know the benefits of mineral makeup compared to conventional liquid foundations...but how do you know which one will give you:

  • the best color match
  • the best coverage/finish (do you love sheer or matte?)
  • the best quality for the health of your skin
When you shop for mineral makeup there are a few things to look out for that will make sure you are making a great choice for your skin. 

A formulation that is FREE from cheap and nasty fillers and ingredients that may irritate your skin or be of questionable saftey including: 
  1. bismuth oxychloride
  2. magnesium stearate
  3. boron nitride
  4. corn/ maize and rice starch
  5. serecite
  6. nano particles
  7. soy bean flour (it's true - check out some of the cheaper brands!)
  8. all of the "paraben" ingredients
If you ingredient listing is long and sounds like you need a degree in chemistry to decode the words, then take the time to question the ingredients:  are they there for the benefit of your skin - or for the profit margin of the brand?

Remember - any makeup can be called MINERAL MAKEUP - it is up to you to choose a beautiful, safe and quality product.

Once we have found a pure brand of mineral makeup - let's look at colour and finish.  Do you have oily or dry you love a matte finish or a very natural finish?  You will not get it all in just one foundation.

If there is only one type of foundation to choose from there is a chance that this is not best for your skin - some formulas look amazing on oily skin - and not dry, and vice versa.

If there are a large number of colours to choose from, you can probably get a perfect match.  Do they offer free samples...would they create a custom colour just for YOU if needed...keep it on file, and blend it fresh when you request it?

Now that you are looking good with your beautiful minerals...spare a thought for the planet and animals - are the product free from cruel animal testing, animal ingredients...and can you reduce plastic waste by using ECO friendly refills and eco friendly shipping materials?

ECO minerals offers 2 foundation formulas created of pure minerals to beautify and nurture your skin, infinite colours (including custom blends), free samples and are animal and planet friendly

ECO minerals has a 95% LOVE IT rate...and offer 100% money back guarantee on all products.

Ask for your free colour match and samples! 

Visit our page and contact us to arrange your samples.

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