Monday, January 18, 2016

the heart and soul of ECO minerals

myself, Coco and nephews Oskar and Bodhi
exploring way out west from SA to Byron
hi beautiful people this is Lulu and I'm feeling to share with you some of my journey from creating the brand ECO minerals and my relationship to my customers, stockists and beloved customers.

I started ECO minerals when i my daughter (now 10) Coco was around 2 years old.  As a good friend of mine and i sat on her balcony chatting through our lives we decided to start a brand to be everything we wanted and a business to give us everything we wanted.

our wants were simple:
  1. to look better :) - sleepless nights were taking their toll
  2. to work for ourselves so we could stay with our precious bambinos
  3. to make $
in a brand i wanted it to be:
  • high performance products - i had natural, eco everything and couldn't ditch my Estee Lauder foundation as i didn't know of a natural brand that was amazing
  • affordable 
  • ethical
  • animal friendly (i LOVE animals - see pic below from our first shoot)
  • environmentally friendly
  • independent
We had a vision to create the most amazing natural cosmetics that out performed the top makeup houses and was 100% natural.

Along the journey i was faced with a million opinions, judgements and also a lot of support.   After a couple of years, my dear friend Amber and i peacefully parted...i then had a loving friend as a silent business partner before finally finding the perfect business partner in Michael.

The most amazing part of having your own brand is that you can completely be yourself.  The magic for me has been our success by keeping things simple and dealing with only wonderful people and businesses.  It's so fun to work with the most amazing stores, customers and distributors who are in alignment with the brand and our values.

I have learned so much - both practically and personally and business wise - along this path and i guess i could sum it up by do what feels good - and being yourself - not listening to everyones opinions unless it feels deeply right in your own heart and being.  We make our decisions strongly guided by our intuition.  We keep things real, treat people well and have fun by offering our products across the Universe.

             with love, Lulu xx

our first photo shoot with model Tais Rose, photographer Josh Hedge, @phoebefever makeup
 - we got to take this pics and play with these beloved animals on Bob's secret,
magical farm in the Byron shire

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