Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Conscious cosmetics - why you love VEGAN and Cruelty Free beauty

Dear SiSTARS, this is a blog post dear to my heart - its about the suffering of animals in the beauty industry that is unnecessary and so widespread its not easy to believe.

The GOOD NEWS is that if we don't buy cruel products, brands will change their ways = WIN for animals & WIN for a compassionate, conscious world!

Take this pledge by Animals Australia to go cruelty free on your beauty and household products:

When i started ECO minerals - it was always important that my the products were Cruelty Free and i honestly thought most brands were cruelty free.  Inspired by a lovely day at World Vegan Day in Melbourne surrounded by 20,000 loving, caring, activated, beautiful beings - i started to post on our @ecominerals Instagram and to get some more information about animal testing in cosmetics and the beauty industry.

I was shocked and saddened to find out that so many products are tested on animals that are on the shelves today.  There are an abundance of beautiful, natural products that have been used throughout history that we KNOW are safe for our skin, safe for the environment and do not need to be tested on animals.

ECO minerals are certified by PETA and i love the campaigns that PETA run.  We are just finalising our certification with Australian based CCF Choose Cruelty Free - so we have international and local certification ... YAY!

When i looked at the "testing"in the beauty industry - i see it as TORTURE.  We have no right to use animals and to torture them in the name of beauty.  I know almost all people feel the same way - so I'm committed to share this awareness with everyone and save animals - set them FREE! 

For a reminder of the damage we do when we are unaware - we are all supporting animal testing whilst we are shopping with brands who endorse and conduct tests on animals.

A beauty blogger who looked at the best selling products in Australia shared the statistic that 91% of the beauty products purchased in Australia are TESTED ON ANIMALS.

To me this issue is not just about Animals or torture to animals - this is about human consciousness and every single one of us standing up for what we believe in.

Believing...knowing... that we all count and having the courage and making the time to shop consciously and speak out for those without a voice.

Here's to a world where we live in alignment with what we know is right...to creating a life so magical and magnificent - to finding our voice and using it!

Blessings to all of us who care and may we all awaken and live in the full beauty of this existence!

May all of the beings in all of the world be happy!

with love, lulu xoxo

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