Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bismuth Free Mineral Powders

We are always receiving enquiries about Bismuth or Bismuth Oxychloride as a mineral makeup ingredient - so here is some information about this controversial ingredient.

ECO minerals mineral makeup is free from bismuth simply because we know this ingredient is questionable in terms of safety and as a skin irritant and it is not necessary for beautiful long wearing mineral makeup.

First question: Is bismuth natural?  The answer is yes it is "natural" but then so are arsenic. lead and mercury (each of these compounds has similarities to bismuth.  Is it safe and natural - we think NO - particularly for sensitive skins.

Second question: why is there so much controversy over this ingredient?  Many people react to this ingredient with break-outs, dry skin and redness.  Bismuth is not good for sensitive skins and is the primary reason a mineral makeup containing this ingredient cause irritation.

Third question: Why do many big brands (and also cheap brands) use bismuth as a mineral makeup ingredient?  Bismuth gives a pearly look and smooth "glide" to products - however as many brands that are bismuth free will attest - this is simply not necessary to give a safe, gorgeous product that looks and feels amazing on the skin.

Are there any other ingredients to watch out for when selecting a mineral makeup?  Check our Mineral Makeup Ingredients article for more information.

How can i be sure that ECO Mineral Makeup is the best makeup for me?  Australian residents - click here for our Free Mineral Makeup Sample form.

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