Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WIN ECO mineral makeup for being ECO friendly!

PRIZE TIME:  At ECO minerals we are always thinking how we can be more caring and respectful to our Earth and inspire others to do the same.  We strongly believe that the little everyday things make a BIG difference.  Because packaging makes up 70% of the waste in our landfills...reducing the packaging we create is very important.

Beyond your ECO cosmetics..and topping up with eco refills...we want to know what else you do to make keep our Planet clean, green and beautiful !!!

  • 1 x Pure mIneral foundation - 8gm RRP $44 - we will help you choose from 2 ranges and infinite colour combinations
  • 1 x SuperSoft Vegan Application Brush RRP $22
  • 1 x White Light Illuminate - 2gm RRP $22

Post your comment below.  Our fav post wins an ECO Pack RRP $91.00


Anonymous said...

I shop at farmer's markets to get local food and minimal packaging :)

Erynne Maree Campbell said...

We recycle and dispose of rubbish correctly and its amazing how much more you can fit in the bin when you do that. By ensuring our recyclables are disposed of correctly it means that waste will not reach the beaches.

sair said...

My everyday little things to help keep our planet clean and green is using eco-friendly laundry liquid, handsoap & dishwashing liquid. Costs a little more but how can we put a price on our planet? =)

jaz said...

* have 4 minute showers
* Turn off the water while you are brushing your teeth
* walking and catching public transport
* Grow a family garden and start a compost bin
* appreciate nature and spend more time outdoors, rather than inside playing video games
* Recycle
* Re-use household items, rather than buying disposable things

* Drink tap water, it's cheaper and greener than buying bottled water

missymoo22 said...

A few things I do are:
Choose to live in a small town where I can bike everywhere and forage for abundant fruit and edible weeds nearly all year round.
Never accept plastic bags (which means taking containers when I buy things like fish), buy in bulk, and shop at local farmers markets.
I'm a meat eater so only buy from a bio gro farmer who does his own home kill, or eat wild meat.
Compost and vege garden.
Collect shellfish.
Always look to buy second hand first, and if it's brand new that there are sound ethics involved (this one challenges me often (: )
Turn things off at the wall and use long life light bulbs.
Clean everything with baking soda,vinegar, or just elbow grease, and make my own washing powder.
Drink/collect river water (again blessed to live somewhere this is possible, our tap water sux)
Recycle when I have to but as most of the waste is already created in making the packaging, I tend to not have that much to recycle. Re using is better so local kindys and op shops get excess jars and stuff for crafts.
Avoid companies who care only about profit
Keep life simple
Ok I'm going on a bit (: I love this mama earth and love constantly finding and challenging myself to make changes in her favour,especially when I'm getting slack or finding excuses, and to inspire others not through words or making others wrong, but through action.

Anonymous said...

Buy the items with recyclable and minimum packages. Put everything recyclable into the recycle bin, even just a little piece.Using cloth nappy for my baby instead of paper nappy. Switch off the hot water heater in the day time and turn it on at night time while nobody using it. Use cold water and environment-friendly washing powder to wash clothes. Install water saving taps and showers, and energy saving light bulbs, solar panels. Save the water which I use to wash veg or meat and use it to irrigate my little garden. Well, too many ways to protect our environment, but most important for me is keeping in my mind that saving our world is saving our next or next next generation.

Alexandrah Eaton said...

Try to use recycled paper when buying toilet paper or greeting cards ect.
Put a "no junk mail" sticker on your letter box, and always carry your own cloth eco friendly bags when shopping.

Tamika M said...

I have quick showers, often using shower water to water plants or wash my hosiery. I only buy organic foods from local farmers and growers. I also support only Australian products/produce. I turn off electricity such as lights and power points when there not in use, and dont have air conditioning or fans, instead i open windows and doors. I dont use chemicals, i choose 'green' options which wont harm the environment, I ensure that i place rubbish in the correct bin and reuse plastic containers. I dont use excess water and have moved away from the big smoke, to rural which is a health benefit for me; its easier to breath and is a nicer, cleaner feeling. I re-use gift bags, ribbon and wrapping paper when giving presents, and also use old clothes as rags, and what i dont want, i give to the Salvo's or St Vinnes, its not only good for the environment because it doesnt end up in wastelands, it makes you feel good because you have helped this disadvantaged. Also, now im buying 'Organic Cotton' goods, which feel great and are also better. Every little bit counts, as our environment is really important!

Gift Princess said...

This is what I do to save our planet Earth.

1. In taking a bath, I use a dipper to conserve water and to control how much water I use even if we have a shower
2. I recycle old underwears to use as cleaning cloths. Of course I sanitize them and dry them before I do so.
3. Being a nurse, I apply medical principles at home by segregating biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash. Also I separate hazardous objects in a plastic container.
4. I dilute thick concentrates of cleaning ingredients to save money at the same time lessen the exposure to chemicals.
5. I recycle plastic bags from shopping and use them as trash bags.
6. I turn off electricity when no one else is using it or when I am alone. Minimal use of electricity.

Talat Parekh said...

Usually people think it would cost us to be environment friendly however I totally disagree with this. As Australia comes in one of the driest continent in the world, I think we should be good citizen to it at least. We should try to save water for instance. and to do so I don't use robotic science, I just pay attention to little things with are environment friendly as well as economic friendly.
1. I drink tap water instead of bottled water. As Eco minerals mentioned "packaging makes up 70% of the waste in our landfills" we should try to minimize it.
2. Doing laundry in fortnight. its not saving just water but electricity as well.
3. In addition I always support individuals or organization who carries environment friendly business or roles because If we cant do everything by own we should supports who does..