Monday, February 27, 2012

Perfecting the No Makeup Makeup Look with Mineral Makeup

Welcome - this is the first post in a series on creating a No Makeup - Makeup Look...that is, a look that enhances your natural beauty, covers any blemishes and looks like you are wearing no makeup for all.

Foundation - applying an all natural foundation to your skin for a barely there look that evens our skin tone and wears all day.  Remember that with ECO minerals mineral makeup you are also getting a minimum SPF of 24 with even a light application.

1) choose your foundation type - Flawless of Perfection Foundation?

2) Choose your Bronzer/Blush
  • medium to tanned/olive skins choose a bronzer Holiday, Summer or ECO Exotic
  • fair skins choose an earthy blush - Uluru is perfect

3) Select an Illuminate:
White Light or Alchemy (coming soon) - Both are perfect for any complexion

4) Clear or black mascara (choose a natural brand - ECO mascaras are currently being developed - yay!!)

5) All natural Lip Gloss

Now you have the products you is how to apply them:
  • Foundation: use a pinch of product and one of our Supersoft Kabuki brushes to apply either in a light downward seeping motion...or in small circles all over your face.
  • Bronzer - apply a tiny amount beneath the cheekbones - and a slight dusting over forehead, nose and chin
  • Blush (only if not using bronzer) - apply a small amount along your cheek bones with a brush
  • Illuminate - apply along the top of your cheek bones - use your finger tip or blending brush
  • Mascara - apply mascara 
  • Lip Gloss - nourish your lips with an all natural gloss with a hint of your fav colour ( ECO Lip Glosses coming soon - stay tuned) xox

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