Saturday, August 17, 2013

The best primer or moisturiser to wear under your mineral makeup

hi there - here is a quick post to answer all of the questions about which product is best to wear beneath your mineral makeup.  The answer differs depending on both your skin type and also the look you love - for example a matte finish or a fresh finish.

DRY SKIN: In summary dry skin is best going for a rich moisturiser or a facial oil.  Even normal skin can get dry during the Winter months so change your beauty ritual to meet your skin's needs.  A rosehip oil or other facial oil (such as Jojoba) work amazingly beneath your mineral makeup.  You can also use your normal moisturiser that suits your skin.  I recommend Living Skincare's Multi Active Recovery Moisturiser.

NORMAL SKIN: Use your normal facial moisturisers/hydrating product beneath your minerals. This 100% natural one from LIVING SKIN CARE is amazing - one of the BEST moisturisers i have ever used, in fact (and i have used hundreds)....and also part of the BEST skincare i have ever experienced...more on this in the next blog.  You may like to use a primer if you love a matte finish - but it is not necessary.  

OILY SKIN: To get longer wear and an even matte finish I suggest this beautiful product form Byron Nature's Gift: Ultimate Hydrating Cream.  This is an incredible product and although it is very light (almost a cream meets gel) it gives the nourishment that oily skin needs and often misses out on.  100% natural, with an Aloe Vera base - this gives the most amazing matte finish.  You can use it alone if your skin is quite oily, OR on top of your usual hydrating product.
You can also use this little wonder product as a night time treatment - apply after exfoliating at night.  It will absorb into the skin whilst the active botanicals go to work over night.

I hope this is helpful - keep in mind that ECO minerals mineral makeup is super easy to use and gives a beautiful finish over most bases.  Be sure to reach out for assistance if you would like to.  With love, Luci xx

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