Sunday, July 10, 2011

What is Kaolin and why is it in mineral makeup...and is it right for my skin?

We get asked the question a lot - what is kaolin? People are familiar with the zinc, iron and titanium oxides -but does a pure mineral, natural foundation need to contain kaolin?
Let's start with looking at kaolin. Kaolin is a natural ingredient sourced from clay. Clay has numerous cosmetic uses and is a safe ingredient for your skin.
Is kaolin for everyone? We believe that the best mineral makeup for your skin may contain kaolin OR it may be too drying for your skin.

Kaolin gives a mineral makeup a matte finish, and is very suitable for maintaining a lovely, non-shiny finish on oily complexions. So if you have oily skin it is likely that a mineral foundation containing a tiny amount of kaolin is the best mineral makeup for your skin.

If you have dry, mature or normal skin it is likely that the best mineral makeup for your skin will not contain kaolin. It will contain just pure minerals and be free from bismuth oxychloride, talk and all of the other nasties and questionable ingredients.

ECO mineral offers two formulations for pure mineral foundation powder, so that you can choose the best natural makeup for your skin. Our Flawless formulation contains pure minerals and a tiny amount of kaolin. Our Perfection formula is also pure minerals, but contains NO kaolin.

Of course - all of our eco friendly natural makeup range is Vegan friendly, free of bismuth and talk and guaranteed free of nano particles.

To make sure you choose your perfect eco match, please contact us for a free sample and discount coupon. We are so sure you will be delighted with your eco minerals that we back it with a 110% money back guarantee.

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