Thursday, May 19, 2011

Choosing the best mineral makeup for your skin

This blog looks at choosing the best mineral makeup for your skin to get the look that you want:

Skin types include:
  • oily
  • combination
  • dry
  • mature
  • sensitive or very sensitive
  • normal
Looks you can achieve with mineral makeup include:
  • sheer
  • natural
  • matte
  • full coverage
  • light coverage - still showing cute freckles :)
  • even skin tone - hide, lessen the appearance of redness, capillaries, acne rosacea, brown and white pigmentation, sun damaged skin
Choosing the best eco minerals make up is easy..

Select our PERFECTION mineral foundation formulation for a sheer, natural look and for normal, dry and mature skins.
It is possible to achieve a very natural look (one application) or full coverage (two applications).

This 100% pure natural makeup is made only from pure additives and preservatives are needed and (like all eco minerals products) they are free of the potentially irritating ingredient bismuch oxychloride and contain no nano particles.

Select our FLAWLESS mineral foundation formulation to create a matte finish on normal skins and to balance oily skins. Again, it is possible to create a look that is natural and a full coverage result. You may also find that Flawless is suited to very, very sensitive skins as it contains less mica.

Like all eco minerals products, our Flawless foundation blend is created from 100% safe and natural ingredients and contains NO bismuth oxychloride, NO nanoparticles, NO talc.

The difference between the Flawless and Perfection blends is that Flawless contains a tiny amount of all natural Kaolin - a cosmetic clay. Perfection does not contain any Kaolin, and as such has more mica. Mica, whilst a safe and natural can affect very sensitive skins.

If you are looking for the best mineral makeup for your skin and have very sensitive skin, please contact us for a free sample. We will send out a free sample to you when available.

For an overview of the range and to help you select your best color check our color chart.

I hope this has been helpful in helping you choose your ECO minerals pure mineral foundation! xox

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