Monday, September 21, 2009

Welcome to the ECO Blog!

this is our window to connect with our beautiful ECO Lovers ... a place where we can ponder beauty, natural beauty, science and everything in between...

the first ECO Blog starts with the ECO journey - that is how ECO Minerals came to be ... the first steps of the journey etc etc

ECO Minerals was created by two friends (Amber & Luci - that's me) out of the desire to offer our friends, family & especially ourselves some beautiful, natural and eco friendly skin care.

With my scientific back ground and Amber's networking skills we thought we would make a great team. We were lucky enough to create our amazing formulations by working with like minded manufacturers who are also as pedantic about ingredients and performance as we are.

Let's face it - it is a massive market out there - natural, organic, mineral.

What made us still go ahead? - we have 3 aspects to our brand that set us above others - we sell direct to customers - so that skips the retail mark up...we offer ECO refills (more on this later) and we use the most PURE ingredients (much more on this later)...we also have an ethical focus of giving back to the planet and its people...and we LOVE and value our customers - and give away lots of things x x x

We look fw to hearing what you would like to know more about...and in the meantime, we will continue to keep you regularly updated with all things ECO x ECO Minerals - beautiful, natural, refillable x

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