Tuesday, October 6, 2009


hi! we are always excited about something...saving the planet, looking pritty, bringing these amazing quality products to you at about half of what most of our customers used to pay....BUT today we are especially excited about our 1st birthday.
I thought we would share a little bit about our journey...about how we have come to be and how we got here.
ECO Minerals was born out of the desire to make truly natural skin care products that made our skin look and feel healthier...we were right in to exfoliants - creating the most amazing exfoliant (granular and chemical) ...we were called Believe Elixirs.
Somewhere along the line - after selecting beautiful packaging and bubbling away little potions in our test tubes...we became interested (obsessed) with Mineral Makeup....the more we used and found out, the more we liked it.
The truly practical way to create ECO Refills with these all natural products made us think UH HUH. Along, of course, with the added motivation of all these pritty colors that we could then have for ourselves. Along with a burst of other ECO named brands....ECO Minerals was born!
Our first manufacturer was good, but not brilliant - and our second (& current) manufacturer is PERFECT. The look and feel of these mineral foundations is comparable to any leading brand - and the formulations more pure.
So for us, it has been an exciting (expensive) and unexpected arrival into the world of Mineral Make up...And now we are proud to be reducing waste, supporting charities, posting for free within Australia and offering our free color match and sample service x
There is still a lot more that ECO can and will do...& we are so happy to have a beautiful ECO Minerals family to continue our journey with.
Peace, prittiness & parties, Luci x

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