Thursday, October 8, 2009

ECO Minerals .... Free samples, Free shipping...Free gifts x!

As you go through our website & facebook page you get the picture that we love giving things away here at ECO Minerals! Why?...well we thought, why not...we have also learned enought along the path of life that giving keeps us all in the flow of life. It's more of a philosophy than anything...we love our customers & if we can offer something to assist - then we will.
It's also part of our name - ECO - we would much rather send you a FREE sample in bioegradable packaging and have you buy a product that you know you are happy with than have the wrong ECO Minerals color sitting in your bathroom - it is a waste of your money and the Earth's resources!
We want your entire ECO experience to make you feel good - we don't hit you with an extra shipping or packaging fee - we keep it FREE! We also love giving away prizes to our facebook friends and to support fundraising events - send us through your requests and event details.
In our spirit of giving we also love to give back to people - 10% of all sales goes to charity - and our customers guide us as to where this goes....suggest a great charity or not for profit cause today and we will consider it for our future donations x x x

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