Tuesday, October 13, 2009

is mineral makeup best for YOU?

It is generally accepted that mineral makeup is more natural than liquid non mineral foundations....but does it perform? does it look as good? is it best for YOU...or is there a skin type that is best suited to minerals?

What we have found with all of our customers is an overall YES. Good quality, pure mineral makeup is suited to almost everyone...sensitive, dry, oily, young, mature skin - and can create the sheerest, most natural looks to a more dramatic - made up look.

The most fascinating aspect of mineral makeup for me was how something dry on the skin did not look dry or have a drying effect. Many of our customers have said the same. I was also surprised that minerals could feel so light on the skin yet wear all day long. They have also been the only cosmetic i could sleep in without experiencing at least one blemish.

I think the secret with minerals is not only in the application, but in the way that they sit on top of the skin and blend in with the skins natural oils.

Of course, you will need to decide for yourself, but if you have ever found that a mineral makeup did not suit you, or irritated your skin - perhaps your brand and color were not right for you? Remember that you are always welcome to request a FREE ECO Minerals sample & color match to experience pure, australian minerals x x x

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