Saturday, October 17, 2009

ECO Minerals, beautiful Byron Bay & excessive packaging

I guess it is not surprising that one of the most purest, natural and ECO friendly mineral makeup would be a Byron Bay brand!
Bay has had an alternative, "hippie" and eco thing going on since around the 1960s when there were protests held against whale catching. This was long before the rest of the world caught on to sustainable living.
Living in such an eco-conscious place has inspired many great ECO brands which are marketed to Australia and the world....perhaps because of the support of like minded people and the creative and enterprising nature of people living in this area.
Today we are delighted that people from all walks of life, all ages and living all over the world instantly recognise the benefits to the planet of reducing packaging - and of course using a natural product that is chemical and cruelty free.
Maybe just yourself you will save on a couple of hundred sifter jars going to landfill....but with thousands of customers - this all adds up to a significant decrease in polluting materials and landfill.
Perhaps the most exciting thing for us at ECO Minerals is the MESSAGE...things can be done differently and people are willing to put in the extra energy to refill a container.
Let's hope that this message reaches and inspires the larger companies world wide to offer customer ECO friendly refills.
Something simple that we can all do every day that COUNTS is to consider the amount and type of packaging on a product...this is a helpful link - even better, drop companies an email with your comments and feelings - even suggestions x x x

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