Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ECO Minerals -official launch of our FREE color match service

Here at ECO Minerals we have been super happy and super busy with all of the lovely people using our free color match service. One of our (many and varied) philosophies was to care for our customers in every way possible and to be generous in pricing and samples - so your ECO sample is designed to last a few applications....so you really get to be sure about your purchase.
We decided that in the world of online shopping that it is nice to get some service, and to connect with experts to make sure you are happy with your purchase. So you can get a color match or a color match with a free sample posted out (anywhere within Australia - other countries, please check service - some are free).
Our handy little form lets you tell us all about your skin and your current makeup color and type - you can even upload a photo of yourself so our experts here can recommend your perfect shade.
You will then receive - in entirely ECO friendly, biodegradable packaging, a sample of our pure foundations. All you need is a brush and a little know (ECO videos coming SOON)- how to apply powder Mineral Foundations.
Because we are receiving so many requests, please allow 2 weeks for delivery of your ECO Minerals sample - we welcome your questions and comments x x x luci x x x

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