Thursday, November 12, 2009

ECO Minerals - we LOVE the way our customers are taking the ECO option over the easy option x

At ECO Minerals we are DELIGHTED with the way that people are taking the ECO refill option! When we first started out - we never expected that so many discerning beauty lovers (that's all of our gorgeous customers) would happily refill their containers to save the planet.
Yes ECO Refills save you money - but it's not a massive saving considering the extra work that you need to do to get your sifter jars refilled....and that is why we are super happy!
When you receive your refill, you will need to cut the (biodegradable) bag and open your sifter seal and tip in the product...& in our day of convenience it is so rewarding to see that people care enough to do this little bit extra.
I think it is promising for the planet that all of us have the urgency and awareness to make change...and i hope that every other company starts to offer ECO options.
SO a BIG BIG thank you to everyone for taking the time to refill & inspiring us to take ECO bigger and bigger x x x

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