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the benefits of mineral makeup...

I found this review of Mineral Makeup here and thought you may find it an interesting piece of writing. Yes it's long & yes you're probably the important bits are in bold x x x

The Benefits of Using Mineral MakeupMineral makeup is all the rage these days in the cosmetics world. What exactly is mineral makeup and why has it achieved such a sudden popularity?
In the past couple of years mineral makeup has become extremely popular, with estimated sales growing by sixty percent in 2005 alone. So what are the reasons for this incredible and unprecedented popularity with today’s women?
Mineral makeup is manufactured with minerals which are sterilized and pulverized into a very fine powder which is then mixed with a variety of natural inorganic colorings to produce a variety of colors.
Applying a mineral makeup instead of a chemical-based makeup provides a number of benefits. Due to the fact that mineral make-up is non-comedogenic, which means it does not block the pores of the skin but instead allows the skin to breathe, mineral makeup is very appealing for those women with sensitive skin. So for those women who suffer with rosacea, dryness, acne or other skin ailments, utilizing mineral makeup permits them to take advantage of a skin-friendly product which will not exacerbate their problems. As well, the prime ingredients used in mineral makeup are, unlike most makeup, inorganic, which means that bacteria and microbes cannot live in the makeup and infect the skin. The fact that the ingredients are inorganic also means that no preservatives need be included and that the makeup will have a long shelf life, so long as reasonable care is taken to apply the makeup with clean brushes. Mineral makeup of high quality does not feel like a ‘mask’ on the skin, unlike heavier chemical-based makeup. Mineral makeup has a much lighter, almost weightless character. Many women report that wearing mineral makeup feels like wearing no makeup at all. Mineral makeup also leaves the skin with a very natural radiant glow.The best mineral makeups contain a number of ingredients designed for the purpose of improving the well-being of the skin. These may include a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB sun protection, as well as zinc, magnesium and some anti-inflammatories. For women who complain of oily skin, mineral makeup can provide an excellent solution. The usual chemical-based applications are very oily, due to the oils they contain. These oils cause a lot of issues, especially in women with an oily complexion.
These issues can be avoided by using mineral-based makeup, since no oils are used in their manufacture.Obviously the chief reason that women bother to use makeup at all is to improve their appearance.
How does mineral makeup compare aesthetically to chemical-based cosmetics? The answer is very well. Mineral makeup is well-suited for hiding the skin’s wrinkles, crow's feet and fine lines, due to the fact it reflects sunlight. It results in a very healthy look. The top brands of mineral makeup need only be applied once a day and are water resistant. Also, unlike chemically-based alternatives, you can even go to sleep with mineral makeup on.

So the benefits of mineral makeup over traditional cosmetics are quite significant. Mineral makeup does not damage the skin with damaging oils and chemical additives. It does not block the skin's pores or provide a breeding ground for bacteria. It usually includes beneficial ingredients to guard the skin from the sun’s harmful rays and to feed and nourish it. And it provides the wearer with a healthy and natural aura. So it is little wonder mineral makeup is flying off the shelves.

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