Tuesday, April 20, 2010

mineral makeup - the next "new" thing?

Mineral makeup has become a household word over the last few years - but is it something new?

Mineral makeup - in similar forms has been used for thousands of years by the early inhabitants of the Planet. Ground minerals and kaolin was used as face and body paint - the first "mineral makeups" were born!!! Ok so no sifter jars & perhaps not such a selection of blends ..not even a mirror...

As people began to purchase cosmetics and not make their own, companies discovered a number of chemicals that could be added to make up ..to preserve it, make it look better and to make it inexpensively...

The modern day version of Mineral Makeup was apparently invented in the 1970s in San Francisco - when people became aware of the toxic and irritating ingredients found in most cosmetics.

Because of a consumer trend towards more pure, natural products - teamed up with the beautiful feel and appearance - mineral makeup is now widely available throughout the world...and is here to stay!

We think the most beautiful things are closest to nature x

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