Wednesday, August 18, 2010

a beauty brand created especially for you - free shipping & just a handful of emails each year

eco minerals was created by two friends to be everything we loved in a beauty brand (prettiness, beautiful products - on your face & in your bathroom...& kind to the planet, its people & animals...) .... & to leave out the bits we as customers didn't love!
As much as i like to be positive - there were some things that i really did not appreciate about spending my hard earned money ...especially online.
Inspired to - as Fleetwood Mac would say... "go our own way"...we started thinking about what we wanted to offer as a brand to all of our fabulous customers - this was really easy - because our first customers were our friends! so it just followed that every customer was our friend...and we would treat them that way.
So whilst it's true that we don't just jump in the car & drop off your mineral make-up anymore (that wouldn't be very eco friendly now that we are supplying across Oz - would it :)....we decided the next best thing was to offer free shipping on every purchase, within Australia.
Personally it used to drive me crazzzzzyyyy trauling the internet for the most amazing product...even with a discount ...only to be hit with a shipping fee (after taking the time to register..blah blah blah. Disappointing, to say the least.
The next rather obvious thing was to not harass people with email campaigns - hardly a revelation - after all - those kind of persistent campaigns are just like the people who call your phone once every minute until you pick it up.
That's why we adopted a policy - a maximum of 6 emails sent to our subscribers each year & each of them with something extra special - something free, a super discount or the chance to win an eco minerals prize.
To keep in closer contact - we use Facebook - so fun..& that's what friends do!
And, just for joining us on Facebook we give our fans 10% off each purchase...ongoing. Just join us & enter ECOFAN as your coupon code at check out.
We always want to be better when it comes to serving all of our fabulous if there is anything that would make your eco minerals experience more beautiful...& friendlier...please let us know!

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