Friday, September 3, 2010

What our customers are saying...

There are so many brands out there & so many of our customers find out about us through word of mouth - which we love :).

We commonly hear that our foundations are the best mineral makeup 's that people have ever used...almost all of our customers fact it is the amazing feedback from our beautiful customers (that's you)...that has inspired us to take eco to the least the country ...x x

It is nice to know what people are saying about a brand and product before you part with your hard earned $$$$ here are some of the recent comments and testimonials from our customers...I hope this is helpful for you making your decision to go ECO & always - THANK YOU for your support x x x

I have lately bought a Napoleon and Mac foundations but your mineral make-up feels much nicer on. The mac probably has a bit better coverage but it feels horrible on. Eco all the way! - Mel, Gold Coast

I would have to say that your mineral foundation is the BEST I have ever used (& I have tried a LOT). I will be back for a refill when I've finished, for sure. Oh, and thanks for the samples too!! :) - via Facebook

I am a big fan of eco minerals mineral makeup - especially the foundation - this is the FIRST I have ever found to enhance the appearance of my skin - this is a natural sheer cover that feels silky smooth and soft & even on sticky days, it lasts all through the day. I feel totally confident that this is actually good for my skin and I love knowing I am protecting my skin from the sun every day. I also am totally in love with your illuminator & have had so many comments on my skin it’s good to see an Australian quality product on the market that is so reasonably priced. - Kaiti, Melbourne

Eco minerals is my fav makeup ever. As an air hostess, I am constantly challenged with needing to wear makeup, and long exhausting shifts – not to mention the drying effects of altitude and air conditioning. Eco minerals is long wearing and an absolute god-send for me. - Melissa, Gold Coast

I love your eco mineral cute refills. This makeup is amazing – my skin has never been better & now I realize I have been irritating my skin all the years before with entirely unnecessary chemicals. Thank you for a great product! - Gabrielle, Adelaide

I am just writing to thank you for an amazing product! At first I wasn’t sure about your product because it is so inexpensive. I have used my first container & am now excited about using an eco refill. I think that selling wholesale to consumers is fabulous and opens the world of quality mineral makeup to everyone. Thanks again! - Rachel, Mullumbimby

I am delighted with my eco minerals foundation – thank you! The service and assistance I have received from you has been fantastic and saved me wasting money with an incorrect color or product that wasn’t right for my skin. - Bella, Darwin

I am just writing to thank you for your natural product. I purchase this for my daughter who was suffering acne and undergoing all types of medication to my dismay. It seems that the problem was her makeup, because since she has been using eco minerals foundation in sheer her skin has cleared dramatically. I encourage all mothers to look for a natural product before their children risk the irritation from makeup. – Annie, Byron Bay

& now for some of our fav responses from our current WIN eco minerals for a year contest...

  • 100% pure and natural foundations, made right here in Oz not shipped from other nations. Buy the refills, use less plastic. ECO Minerals are fantastic!

  • Thank you! From packaging to product And everything in between, FINALLY I've found a make-up That's totally green.

  • Two friends joining to care for the environment together whilst keeping us all beautiful! No toxins, chemicals or preservatives. Pure ECO decadence.

  • Ecominerals is natural. It's ingredients don't contain long words you can't pronounce and it reduces waste cause you can refill it. Perfect.

  • E – every girl is worth all natural makeup C – caring for the world by not testing on animals O – oh, refills are super environmentally friendly

  • ECOminerals is friendly to the face, the skin, the soul, the environment...that's why I love it and use it every day!

  • Everything that we put on our skin/hands goes down the drain and straight back into the environment its good to finally see some great initiatives from companies making more environmental friendly products congrats!

  • Being Australian made, but two Australian friends who have not only considered the environment, but the cost to consumers as well.

  • It makes my young skin look fresh and beautiful for hours on end, no touch ups required. A great product

  • Eco minerals is a truly NATURAL product with no added preservatives. No one wants to eat food with added additives or preservatives right? So why not treat our skin the same way we treat our bodies?

  • Safe and natural, high quality and pure, Gives me glowing skin for sure, Reusable containers, shipping's free, All this makes ECOminerals for me!

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