Monday, September 13, 2010

Your ECO refills are saving the Planet!

ECO minerals & our wonderful customers around the world are saving more than a plastic sifter container every few months. Together we are contributing to a changing awareness and consciousness amongst consumers.
We are inspiring people to think...we are taking a stand and working towards a sustainable future.
By taking the time to use our eco refills -( yes it does take a few minutes to top up your sifter jars :) are putting out an important message telling the world that you do want an eco do care and you are willing to spend a little bit of energy to do something that is better for our planet.
There are so many amazing packaging options available & if every single company used the best choices we would have a massive impact on the planet...we would dramatically reduce the amount of rubbish in landfill, oceans and waterways around the world.
So buying eco minerals isn't just about looking beautiful - it is your statement to the world that you care...that you are serious about creating a better future for our beautiful Planet....that you do notice when a company makes a real commitment to be "green".
It is an exciting time - the power for change in our society is truly in the hands of the consumer - that is you & I. Every dollar we spend is a "vote" for that company.
Together. with your support - ECO minerals is already making an impact in the beauty industry....we are the most eco friendly Mineral Make up company & we have a feeling we are about to see more and more companies following our lead.
Thank you for supporting eco minerals & the Planet x x x

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