Tuesday, September 21, 2010

why are ECO minerals so...well....inexpensive?

We are always getting asked why ECO minerals are so much cheaper than most mineral make up brands, despite being the highest quality - made with only pure minerals and free from all of the nasties (bismuth oxychloride) and the cheap & not nasties (rice powder) etc etc.
well the answer is quite simple - but it may not be obvious to our customers who have not worked in the retail or beauty industries...so here you have it:

1) Advertising: ECOminerals does not spend money on advertising - we use the best form of advertising - word of mouth. Did you know that a page in a magazine can cost between $3000 - $25 000? If we ran ads like these even once a month our prices would be almost double. That's why we love & appreciate people spreading the ECO word!

2)Online, wholesale/direct to you!: ECO minerals sells only through www.ecominerals.com.au This means no wholesale margin. Did you know that your beauty retailer ads between 60-100% just for stocking & reselling a product. We don't - so you get wholesale prices. This is important to us because it means that everyone can afford a high quality & eco friendly product. Of course, retailers need to survive & pay their shop rent, merchandising etc. We are lucky - we don't have those costs, so we save & you save!

3)Local manufacturing & expertise: ECO minerals is made in Australia, by Australians - our artwork and design is all by local people & friends - keeping our costs down. We even had the help of our lovely friends to test formulations & select our color ranges!

4)Ethical & friendly - When we created ECO minerals, we were selling to friends - our best friends...and their friends. We simply decided to charge what we needed to charge to make a living & supply beautiful products.

5) Packaging: Our ECO friendly refills save money on packaging...and save the planet by creating less waste. Our offices are paperless & even our media packs that go to magazines are minamalist - we don't waste money on fancy packaging - our products stand alone.

I hope this gives you insight into how ECOminerals can be the highest of quality, the most pure in mineral ingredients!

Thanks for reading & thank you for everyone who asks the questions....also to everyone entering our WIN ECO for a YEAR contest x x x

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