Tuesday, October 12, 2010

minerals shminerals....the weird and wonderful ingredients in mineral makeups...

There are so many mineral makeup brands and formulations that we can buy today - almost every cosmetic brand has something on offer & then there are brands that just specialize in mineral makeup.

Whilst many people look to mineral makeup because it looks beautiful on the skin, many more love the fact that it is natural...and helpful - not harmful - to the skin. Because mineral makeup is almost always in a powder (pure mineral) form, this means that there are no preservatives needed to give a long shelf life. (Bugs need water to survive & breed). This means no chemicals are needed and the minerals are suited to sensitive skin as they are not irritating to most skins.
What a lot of us do not know - and let's face it, most of us are too busy to constantly read ingredient labels...many mineral makeup brands are not natural.

Many contain a host of ingredients for what i would say are not the "right" reasons. The right reasons for eco minerals mean: do they help the skin, are they natural & do they look beautiful (we want to check each box, for each ingredient). We don't want something that is natural that does not benefit the skin - or something that looks beautiful but may be harmful to our skin & health.
Mineral makeup is truly one of nature's wonders - the most natural is the BEST. The most pure the minerals - the better the product looks & feels.

So why would a company add chemicals or things that are not natural & healthy to the skin & the planet?
  • to be cheaper
  • to look good (perhaps their customers don't mind chemicals?)
What are the benefits of using a pure mineral product?
  • healthy for your skin
  • tend to have higher SPF sun protection
  • healthy for the planet
  • no animal testing needed
What are the ingredients you may like to check out & avoid?
  • bismuth oxychloride
  • magnesium stearate
  • talc
  • corn or rice powder
ECO minerals has chosen to avoid the above ingredients for various reasons. To find out more, you could google each ingredient.

One thing that makes it easy to tell how pure mineral makeup is is the price - generally a good mineral makeup will cost at least $50 (Australian) for 5-8 gm. The reason for this is that good quality minerals are not cheap. The only way eco minerals can offer these prices is by selling direct to you the customer. A beauty salon would add 60-100% on the wholesale price...so by selling exclusively through our online store we can offer professional makeup at discount prices!!!

This is such a huge subject - but i hope this offers some light on ECO minerals & our ingredients.

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