Wednesday, October 27, 2010

putting the E in ECO...

We have been running a contest for weeks now to Win ECO minerals for a YEAR. To win we are asking people to tell us "what makes ECO minerals ECO friendly?".

The basics are on our website but i would love to share with you a little more background into what we do & why we do it...and some details on just how eco friendly our mineral makeup is along with how friendly we will make it in the future. It's also great to reflect how, with commitment, we as consumers directly influence the impact on the planet. Together, our company & beautiful customers of ECO minerals eco friendly practices have saved thousands of trees & tons of landfill! Just through making being ECO friendly a priority, rather than the "dollar".

I have always been up for the challenge of zero waste & after living undertaking that challenge I did manage to create almost zero waste..but the downside is - it took me a lot of time & a lot of energy...& it was back in the days prior to the carbon i am not sure that my driving around to buy unpackaged products was such a good thing?

So in our modern days...down the track with children & a true understanding of the word BUSY we figured it was time for companies to take the initiative to provide both SIMPLE and PLANET FRIENDLY packaging.

Here is a snapshot of what makes ECO minerals eco friendly...
  • samples - our samples are provided in bio-degradable packaging
  • sifter jars - these are recyclable but not biodegradable (stay tuned - it's on the list :)...but, they are washable & refillable - so you will only ever need one sifter jar for each product, forever. We have avoided labels on the top & printed direct to container to keep these looking pretty for years!
  • eco refills - these are designed by an local artist ...printed on recycled paper, contain a 100% biodegradable cellulose based slip
  • ingredients - we use 100% natural products - no preservatives - no toxic waste during manufacturing or when you wash off your ECO minerals at the end of each day
  • brushes - we use vegan brushes that are washable...and washable means they last for YEARS
  • behind the scenes - we keep a paperless office - we email invoices & don't print them.
  • postage & delivery - we use Australia Post...because the "posty" is heading down your street anyway...a courier would make a special trip. Less fuel = less pollution. We use recycled envelopes & post packs
The future....We are looking at 100% biodegradable sifter jars & a range of other refillable health & beauty products.

I hope this has given you a close look at why we call our mineral makeup company ECO minerals. Any suggestions & comments, we would love to hear them. And of course - thanks to our fabulous customers for taking the little bit extra effort to top up with an eco refill x oh & if you would like to enter the contest, you will find the link here. There is still plenty of time to enter!


Eshanvi Smith said...

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Luci said...

Thanks - your comments is particularly relevant to the ECO Friendly Packaging blog: