Tuesday, November 16, 2010

taking it to the world...inspiring ECO-ness globally

Welcome to another eco blog where i get carried away with all things eco & beautiful! This post is not for the light hearted - it's actually all about rubbish...more pretty & positives next post i promise x Right now though, i have to get in touch with my inner conservationist.

Well this week i began to further the eco mission and take a look around at what our competitors are doing...and then out in to the big bright world of the products & food we buy and use every week.

I am not sure if i am happy or not to say that we really are in a class of our own (with a few exceptions, thank goodness! - there are so few companies (mineral makeup & beyond) that are doing a whole lot about eco packaging. Most organic companies that are making money out of being "natural & green" are not addressing the issue of the waste they are creating.

Over the past few years packaging has developed to include some great plant based plastics and other compostable options...but no many companies are using them.

I always figured that eco minerals would lead the way & others would jump on the eco refill idea...& that means less waste for the Planet...so we have to be happy about that! But alas - it really doesn't seem to be happening....despite the fact that ECO is growing and all of you gorgeous people are happy to take the time & extra effort to ECO refill. hmmmmm....

Never one to sit idle, i have decided to inspire the world (company by company...business by businss) with your help to adopt eco friendly packaging options.

I have started this blog and this Facebook page so we can get out there & just by commenting or liking the page we can have a voice. So far i have contacted around 10 companies to start the process.

I would love you to join me on this journey beyond eco minerals to make other companies go green. I know you a busy - but just a few clicks & likes here & there will make a big difference.

Reduce landfill...support the eco friendly products and packs that are now available....this will make a HUGE positive impact on the Planet x Thanks for reading & THANKS for being ECO x x x

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