Friday, November 26, 2010

NO to nanotechnology ....YES to NANNA TECHNOLOGY

Just a quick post to share our excitement on being officially free of nano particles. Nano particles are teeny tiny particles (generally created by humans...though some are found in nature.

These particles are so tiny that they can be absorbed by the skin and although they are common throughout many foods & products & packaging the (we think scary) fact is that we do not know what impact these could have on the health of ourselves and our environment.

The good news is, that our products are just as gorgeous without them...and you have peace of mind.

From day one we insisted to our manufacturers that we were to be nano particle free in all products and we just have official confirmation that every single ECO minerals product is now FREE of nano particles.

If you feel inclined to find out more, or to avoid these little things the places to watch out are in many sunscreens and many mineral makeups - google it to find out more.

Right now, we are happy to stick with Nanna Technology & give nano technology a miss & we are sure you will too x

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