Thursday, October 20, 2011

Applying Mineral Bronzer - the sunkissed glow that protects your skin

Mineral Bronzer is the perfect way to naturally and safely give your skin a sunkissed or true bronze glow and also accentuate cheek bones.  In this blog we look at getting the most beautiufl effect from your pure mineral bronzer:

Applying Bronzer for a sunkissed glow:
The trick is to apply bronzer to the places that the sun naturally would color your face - cheek, forehead, nose & chin.

Applying Mineral Bronzer to accentuate cheekbones
  1. Look in the mirror, and suck in your cheeks. Find the area that is indented the most. Your cheekbones are just above this.
  2. Choose a pure mineral bronzer that is a few shades darker than your natural color with a very subtle shimmer
  3.  Dust a light line of bronzer with a kabuki brush or similar from your hairline to the apple of your cheek. Put the bronzer in the area that is sunken in when you suck in your cheeks and not on the actual cheek bone.
  4.  Blend the bronzer as you put it on so that is not evident where the bronzer begins and ends. 
  5. Use a small amount of bronzer at first, and apply additional bronzer until the desired look is achieved.
ECO minerals bronzers are available in:
Summer - a true bronze suited to medium, tanned & to olive skins
Holiday - a warm bronze suited to meidum, tanned & olive skins

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